Thursday, 9 February 2017

Across the Moor

Just before Christmas I was out of action because of having a whole right knee replacement operation; this meant I was unable to get out and about in my car to take the photos necessary for my blog.  However, I now have permission to drive again, which is wonderful, but I'm having to start with short journeys which will hopefully increase in length before too long.
Yesterday, after a birthday lunch with friends at a Moorland pub, I seized the opportunity to drive a short way along the road which heads across Bodmin Moor to my closest town . . . I needed groceries. 

 It's always an enjoyable drive, with the laid-back woolly residents and lovely views, especially on such a sunny day as yesterday.

 I do hope those tracks were made by a farmer checking on his livestock and not by the idiots who think it's great fun to drive across the Moor doing damage to ground and animals alike.

 I had a lovely birthday with cards, phone calls and presents including some beautiful flowers -

And this beautifully accurate depiction of my beloved Zac, a watercolour by a dear friend and former workmate, Barry.

Anyone who knew my lovely boy would recognise him instantly in this painting.  Any wonder that I sat and sobbed for ages when I first opened it - a good job I was home alone. 


  1. So pleased you have been given the ok for short drives ...
    A lovely selection of scenes here, I also love the colours of your birthday flowers.
    The watercolour of Zac is gorgeous.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  2. Belated Birthday greetings.
    Lovely to see your photos of the moors again, roll on summer photos.
    What a beautiful painting of Zac

  3. The moors look lonely and lovely, oh Heathcliffe.

  4. Happy Birthday to you. Your pictures of your countryside are lovely.

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  6. Not being able to drive, when you've been used to it, is hard. I had eye surgery twice in three years which meant eight weeks of no driving each time. It was a relief to have that independence again.

    Beautiful work on the watercolour; what a lovely thing to have.

  7. Belated birthday wishes x
    Lovely you can get out and about again, try not to overdo though will you. That picture of Zac is brilliant, what a talented artist x

  8. I'm glad to see you are up and about again and I LOVE that water colour. Aaaahhhh. And a happy belated birthday. Anna

  9. Glad you are driving again, what a wonderful painting.

  10. So pleased that you have permission to drive once more...maybe a Summer meet up this year?
    That painting is just so Zac. What a lovely surprise for you.

  11. Ohhh, Bodmin Moor..: Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Rough Tor, Brown Willy, hours of hiking, Cheesewring Inn, swimming, the ponies, adventures!!!

    1. Marleen, you obviously know the area well - when were you here? The Cheesewring pub is my local - I go there weekly with friends for our lunch, as we live in the next village. And the walk up to The Cheesewring is one I've enjoyed with Zac in the past - I wrote about it in a recent post when I went with my daughter-in-law.

  12. I send you lots of Belated Happy Birthday wishes! It's so good to learn that you are making steady recovery progress after your knee surgery. How grand it must have been for you to get out to see that lovely countryside.

    The portrait of Zac is astonishing! Barry is a fabulous artist and obviously, a fine friend, too. xo

  13. Belated birthday greetings Rosie!

    The picture of your dog is fabulous. He looks such a character and you must miss him so much. What a talented artist your colleague is and how lovely you have that wonderful picture.

    Cornwall is truly beautiful. You must be so pleased to be getting out and about again.

  14. Belated birthday wishes. And oh my. I thought of my beloved girl when I saw the painting and cried too. 😓


  15. Just wondered if you had changed your mind about the books? only because we will be moving soon. Will refund your postage and pay for the books too if you like.

  16. Lovely photos of the moors and that watercolour is just beautiful.

  17. Beautiful watercolor of your Zac! One can almost feel the zest of him!


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