Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Half term holidays

At last - a dry, sunny day and we were able to get out and enjoy some fresh air . . . very cold fresh air, but delightful all the same.  Zac is still not able to walk far, so we were restricted to just a small area of the Moor, an area known as Fore Down which is popular with the animals who live on the Moor.  But today there wasn't an animal to be seen - no sheep, ponies or cattle.

 A view along the road that runs alongside Fore Down; it has a speed limit to protect the animals which tend to wander across the road, because in their opinion, the grass is MUCH better and tastier than the huge area of grass they already stand on. 

Looking across Fore Down to Caradon Hill and the remains of an Engine House and several mine chimneys, reminders of the mining that used to take place here over a century ago. 

And on the top of Caradon Hill, the 780 feet high mast which is a part of the transmitting station up there.  My TV signal relies on this mast (as long as the weather is kind - any heavy rain or storms interfere with the signals!)

I just had to show more photos of my flowers, even more colourful and far more scented now that the Lilies are open.

 It's half term for the schools in this area, so I've got my two youngest grandchildren staying with me for a few days.  Yesterday was great, as it was sunny and we were able to go to a beach for a short while (too cold to linger in the north wind that was coming off the sea) but exhilarating to watch the big waves crashing on to the sand. We crossed the road from the beach and spent some time in the adventure playground but again, the cold ensured we didn't linger for too long! Instead we headed for the Beach Cafe for a mug of warming hot chocolate each.
Cooling it down enough to sip and enjoy -

Showing off the obligatory moustache!

Moustache number 2! 

 Eleanor had a surprise when she found a new toy nestled among her teddies; she is horse-mad so was thrilled to find a cuddly knitted pony, made by a friend of mine.
The pony is now called Fudge and is her constant companion, either snuggled in bed with her or cuddled in her arms. 

And isn't she being good with her new glasses; she was only given them (to correct a lazy eye) a week ago and has worn them all day, every day since then. At night, we read the bedtime story together then she takes her glasses off and puts them safely in their case on her bedside table.
Today it has rained . . . and rained . . . and rained, so we have played UNO ( a card game) endlessly! It is a struggle to keep two energetic, bouncy kids entertained when they are confined to the house.  I think we might be making cakes later! 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Even more Birthday Flowers

I could set up a Florist's shop now - more flowers have arrived; many thanks to my family and friends for these beautiful, sweet-smelling blooms.
 Two layers of highly scented narcissus (narcissi?) meaning 100 blooms in total.  Lots of vases needed!

Monday, 8 February 2016

It's my birthday!

What a day!  Not because the date is my birthday but because of the various amber and red warnings about the weather, due to Storm Imogen.  Am I imagining that storms have been ever more fierce since they were given names? Imogen has caused ferry crossings to be cancelled, trains to be stopped because of fallen trees on the lines due to the high winds, motorists warned to stay away from river crossings, etc., etc. In short, we are being well and truly battered.
In the next village to where I live, water pouring off the soaked Bodmin Moor and fields was pouring down the lane and flooding across the centre of the village; the little shop and some houses had to hurriedly take precautions to hold the water back from their homes.  They also suffered power cuts lasting several hours.
Well, I had to go out; my two young grandchildren had to be at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth for important examinations; this involved driving across the Tamar Bridge, which had red alert warnings to motorists yesterday, so I was rather nervous about how bad it would be, or even if we would be allowed to cross.  On the way, the wind was rocking my car on the more open stretches of road and there was the added hazard of potholes - when they are filled with water, it's a shock when a wheel bangs down into a deep hole.
Ironically, the actual crossing of the bridge was the calmest part of the journey; the 30mph limit ensured that traffic crossed sensibly and safely and the wind was no problem at all.  It was as though the storm was over . . . . .
The return journey was more hairy - the wind was buffeting the high sides of my Berlingo and I was glad to be well on my way home.  Watching the local news at the moment, I consider myself very lucky that I didn't witness the worst that Storm Imogen has been doing. 100mph off-shore winds causing high, foaming waves to crash on the shores and to be blown into coastal villages; lorries crossing Bodmin Moor to be overturned as easily as a child's toy; crashing trees causing havoc on roads and rails.  Phew!
So - my birthday and a few of my presents -

Anyone would think I like red wine, wouldn't they?

Some close-ups to show more detail -

 A personalised T-shirt (thank you Barry xxx) and a VERY personalised birthday card (thanks again (I think) Barry!)  OMG!!!

And a gig to look forward to next month.  (Love 'Black Friday').

I also had more flowers, Facebook greetings from family and friends, a very nice lunch out with friends and money gifts. All in all, an eventful birthday.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Listening to Terry

I was going to do so much this morning, but instead I have been sitting, drinking tea and listening to Radio 2;  Richard Madeley and the producer have devoted this morning's programme to Sir Terry Wogan - his favourite music; the unknowns who he set on the road to stardom by playing their tracks before anyone had heard of them; the hilarious banter between him and his Togs; his famous 'corpsing' when he was incapable of speech because he was laughing helplessly  . . . .  all this and Terry's wonderful Irish lilt as he introduced songs, all bringing a moistness to the eyes as I listen to his voice again, just a week after the shock of hearing that he had died.
Thank you, Terry, for all the years of presenting the best morning programme on radio - EVER!

** Apologies to my non-British followers for my tribute to a well-loved British institution who will be so sadly missed.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

I'm still here!

My apologies once again for another long gap between posts, but because I've been quite poorly for most of January and Zac hasn't been able to go out, we've been nowhere, met no-one so there has been a lack of photos or anything interesting to write about.
My dog has now had 3 injections with the 4th and final one due next Tuesday and has shown a slight improvement in his condition; if the incessant rain could cease (pleeeease) I could take him out in the car to a place where he could wander around and we could both enjoy a change of scenery.  I just hope against hope that he now continues to improve as he has almost completed the course of 4 injections.
Another problem now is that he knows what to expect when we go to see the vet and he is getting very reluctant to go in the building.  Last time, he flinched and yelped when the vet injected him and the murderous look he gave him made me glad to have him on a short lead!!! Hopefully, after the final injection next Tuesday, it will be many weeks, even months, before he needs to go again.

In the meantime, I long for dry days, firm ground underfoot, blue cloudless skies -  and sunshine. This horrible wet weather has gone on for far too long, don't you think?