Monday, 27 February 2017

Colour in the garden

Despite the downpours and gales of recent weeks, there has been a variety of colour in the garden - and how cheering it is to see the lovely flowers.
Two varieties of Snowdrops -



Such a shame they hang their heads; you need to be a contortionist to capture their patterns and colours properly.

Violas, somewhat rain-damaged unsurprisingly.

Late Daffodils - and yes . . the pot needs weeding!

Purple Heather

Erm . . . ?

Early Daffodils (they bloomed in January)

And finally . . I don't have photos but I know definitely that  frogs are a -wooing in my neighbour's pond, 'cos their amorous croaking has been lulling me to sleep in recent weeks!  I shall have to watch out for their tiny offspring in a few weeks time when I'm mowing my lawns. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Across the Moor

Just before Christmas I was out of action because of having a whole right knee replacement operation; this meant I was unable to get out and about in my car to take the photos necessary for my blog.  However, I now have permission to drive again, which is wonderful, but I'm having to start with short journeys which will hopefully increase in length before too long.
Yesterday, after a birthday lunch with friends at a Moorland pub, I seized the opportunity to drive a short way along the road which heads across Bodmin Moor to my closest town . . . I needed groceries. 

 It's always an enjoyable drive, with the laid-back woolly residents and lovely views, especially on such a sunny day as yesterday.

 I do hope those tracks were made by a farmer checking on his livestock and not by the idiots who think it's great fun to drive across the Moor doing damage to ground and animals alike.

 I had a lovely birthday with cards, phone calls and presents including some beautiful flowers -

And this beautifully accurate depiction of my beloved Zac, a watercolour by a dear friend and former workmate, Barry.

Anyone who knew my lovely boy would recognise him instantly in this painting.  Any wonder that I sat and sobbed for ages when I first opened it - a good job I was home alone.