Saturday, 11 November 2017

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
We WILL remember them.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Colour in the Garden

I've just been organising my photos and I realised that I didn't post the ones I took just before the stormy weather struck, so my apologies for the lateness but I thought we deserved a bit of colour in our lives.
These were taken just last month, on a sunny, warm day . . . remember them? 

 Two random photos to add - this is my little friend who comes and sits against my front door in the evenings

and this was the view from my kitchen window a few nights ago.

It's that time of year when we see some beautiful skies as the sun rises and sets.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Early Autumn in Cadsonbury Woods

We are not walking as much up on Bodmin Moor as previously, even though it's one of my favourite places to be, because Benji is using his newly-found energy in naughty ways - namely he has found a thrilling pastime of chasing sheep!  Bad Dog cannot be allowed off-lead any more so he can't enjoy a good old gallop.
Also, there are problems with some of the cattle up there who seem to have found a similar thrill in assaulting walkers and dogs. Never, in all the years I have walked on the Moor have I been scared of the cattle - but now I am.  When you see the regular dog-walkers, mostly men, carrying stout sticks and telling of incidents when they have been pushed around by the cattle, and of people who have found refuge in a thorn tree only to be surrounded by those cattle until rescued, it shows the seriousness of the danger.
So yesterday Benji and I went to Cadsonbury Woods; I was hoping for some autumnal colours, but I was too early.  Mostly the trees were still green, though strangely there were lots of orange/brown leaves on the ground!
This is 'New Bridge', though as you can see, it's anything but new; I guess it's always been known as New Bridge since it was built.  It's a busy road that crosses the River Lynher at this point but within a few yards, all is quiet and peaceful
 The path to the Hill Fort which climbs up through the woods - not to be tackled when we've had so much rain recently.

This aerial photo shows the Hill Fort on the summit of Cadsonbury Hill.

 It was much easier going along the narrow road that runs alongside the river.

Looking uphill to the Hill Fort

Lots of fallen leaves here.

 Benji wasn't impressed with the state of the path at this point and made a large detour to avoid getting his paws mucky.

 But the excess water did provide some pretty views.

 Oh-oh! A big, black rain cloud has appeared; time to make tracks for home.

 "C'mon!  Before the rain gets us!"
 This morning, the dew on this web caught my eye when I stepped out into the garden. Works of art, aren't they? 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Four and a half Kg slimmer !

What a lovely surprise after Benji was trimmed, shampoo'ed and weighed today - since he came to me in April, he has lost four and a half Kg and his latest trim shows a much slimmer shape. 
I was so excited to take his photo that I had my camera on the wrong setting - hence the black & white photo.

As a reward for being such a star, we went for a lovely long walk on Bodmin Moor - and he actually managed to stay clean!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wild camping on the north coast.

Guess who went camping in a tent during Storm Aileen? If I had seen the Storm warnings, I would have stayed at home, but the most recent weather forecast I'd heard was for strong winds on Sunday evening, dying out by Monday lunchtime. 
So I arrived at this site on the north coast of Cornwall at 1pm on Monday, then took Benji for a walk while waiting for the wind to calm down.  However, a walk along the coastal path had to be aborted because the strength of the wind was enough to pluck us off the cliff edge.

By 6pm I had set up the tent and transferred all the gear from the car in slightly calmer conditions, but that first night was horrendous with the tent material flapping and banging as gusts of 60mph pounded in straight from the sea. It was impossible to sleep because of the noise and because I was unsure if the tent would stand up to such a ferocious wind.
However, Benji had no such concerns - he slept soundly in his bed at the side of mine all night!
Next day I was admiring the lovely colours of the heather which covers the cliff tops and the song of skylarks as they soared high above.

 From the coves at the foot of the cliffs, the roar of the sea as big waves crashed onshore

 Overlooking Mawgan Porth beach. That morning, warnings were broadcast about the danger of Portuguese Men'O'War that had been washed up on the beach; their stings are extremely painful and can actually cause death.  Later the beach was closed, as was Perranporth Beach further along the coast until the danger was past.

I'd seen reports of Crantock Beach being threatened by the River Gannel changing course and washing away the sand, so I had to go and see for myself. I was there just a few weeks ago and it had certainly changed; the river had switched sides and washed away a huge area of the beach, making access to the beach difficult (or even impossible) for the lifeguards' vehicles or of the regular ice cream van. Below the lifeguards' hut, rocks that had previously been under the sand were now exposed. 

 Bedruthan Steps  

 Benji leading the way along the clifftop coast path

 This section of the coastal path was a work of art - and a labour of love by National Trust volunteers.

 The cosy cafe at Bedruthan Steps which serves the most wonderful Bacon Baps - hot, seeded rolls with 3 - THREE - rashers of very tasty bacon inside it. Mmmmm.  
That's my niece waiting at the counter; we were able to spend a couple of days together while she was down on holiday from her home in Leicestershire.
Funnily enough, we turned up for another bacon bap the next day as well.

And after stretching our legs along the coastal path again, we also had our tea, this time at an outdoor table in the sunshine.
 On Wednesday I took advantage of yet another National Trust car park (free to me because I'm a member) and followed this footpath.  

Beautiful stone walling 

 One tired little dog

 Despite the fierce winds at night we had a couple of lovely sunny days together, but after a third stormy night I'd had enough.  I decided to pack up the tent the next day while it was dry and head home again.
I hope you've enjoyed the photos.