Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Camping History.

I do apologise for being away so long - not really 'away' because I haven't actually been anywhere this summer.  I'm a camper and I love to take tent and dog on 'getaway breaks' to other parts of Cornwall.  But I have realised this year that having a greenhouse means staying at home to open doors and windows, water infant seedlings, close those doors and windows, carefully examine for nasty bugs . . . . not that I'm complaining because I was quite excited about having a greenhouse for the first time when I moved house. However, if I am to have any getaway breaks' next year, I need to carefully plan what to grow and when!

So - about fifteen years ago, I was camping in a big way.  I sold my house, got rid of all but essentials and bought a caravan to live in (it's surprising how little we actually NEED out of all the supposedly essential paraphernalia that we fill our homes with).
Here is the home I loved and lived in for 5 years -

Quite some garden, eh? I was lucky to be able to live on a private site where I was able to make a proper home - garden, shed an' all!

And I loved the caravan life so much that I bought another one, a little 2-berth Fairlane that I towed all over the place at weekends and holidays (I was working split shifts at the time). 
Here's the Fairlane in the storage area of my home site where I often went to read or paint just as a change -

Please excuse the quality of these photos; they are photos of old photos and this next one was to show you my small tent (I still have it) but I can't find a way of cropping it without losing the photos of my previous much-loved dog, Todd who enjoyed the camping life as much as me.

Then came a bigger tent so that I could stand up straight and have much more space for a comfortable chair and a kitchen, rather than just somewhere to sleep.  As you can see, Todd enjoyed the more luxurious surroundings too.

I foolishly let someone borrow that tent - and it came back to me with a broken zip and a tear in the side wall - there's a moral in that - so I said she could keep it and I bought a bigger tent but one that I could still erect single-handedly.  It's a Khyam Classic Ridgi-Dome and the one that I currently have stored in my spare bedroom, ready for that next trip.

I do need to spread my wings, otherwise there will be a lack of photos due to my outings being to the same places all the time!!!  Good excuse for another 'getaway break'!!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

How to Relax after Gardening Duties.

It had been a cool day, overcast and grey, so I succumbed to the housework; washed and tumble-dried the bedding and towels, vacuumed right through (so easy with a bungalow!), dusted and tidied the kitchen before making a pot of tea and picking up my book. 
But I couldn't settle; the lawns needed cutting again and maybe it would rain tomorrow . . .
Then, at almost 4pm, the lawns were cut, the sun came out and I made a spur of the moment decision:

So that's where Zac and I went and enjoyed a lovely gentle stroll along a deserted beach, followed by a cappuccino (for me) and a doggy chewstick (for him) at the Beach Cafe.

I'm always intrigued by steps that disappear to an unseen place . . .

Looking back towards Seaton holiday flats and 'Waves' restaurant and to the right, the hillside houses of Downderry.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Perfect Family Day Out

At last, a lovely day and a lovely day out.  We went to The Big Sheep near Bideford and although the car park and the overflow car park were almost full, the place is so huge that we never felt that we were in a crowd. Initially, we thought that the admission price seemed high - but honestly, there were so many different activities that it was money well spent.
We started with a magnificent breakfast for us adults and the children chose lunch boxes (they selected the 6 items to put inside the boxes) that set us all up for the day - and ended with wonderful Fish & Chips in Bude, which was eaten near the beach before heading home.

Can you tell?  My little granddaughter LOVES ponies! I had
to take photos of the ponies who were resting too.

The sheep were always ready to be fed and the rustle of the feed
bags brought them running to the fence.

or even THROUGH the fence if necessary!

My grandson practiced archery and also his football skills.

Digger driving skills -

- and I tried to photograph him on this flying swings roundabout
but it was going so fast I completely missed him - twice!

A working Collie going through his paces

Radioactive Ice Creams?

Bouncing Daddy = flying children!!

The train was much more relaxing.

The final furlong of the Big Sheep Race, flying over the hurdles on
their way to the big bowl of FOOD at the finishing line! The funniest bit
was when an extra sheep jumped over the enclosure and hurtled after the
others in order to get a share of the food! At least it shows that the sheep
aren't reluctant woolly jumpers!

 More feeding of sheep (no wonder it's called "The Big Sheep"!!)

I love the station names!

 The grandchildren went on the Swan pedalos too.

And we all enjoyed the train ride.

 Another aptly named station

I really, really wanted to smuggle this beautiful Collie pup home with me
but he was already sold and awaiting his new owner.
No amount of whistling or stroking took his attention away from his rubber chicken!

 Then again, I don't think my Zac would have been too impressed!

 A 5-week -old Shetland foal -

 and his Mummy (who didn't like being stroked . . . . )

 This little lamb found a safe place to sleep, away from the other sheep.

 Lamb-feeding time; first my grandson held the bottle

 then my granddaughter, helped by Mummy (those lambs were very strong!)
 9 lambs, 9 bottles, shared amongst an eager number of would-be lamb feeders. Have a thought for the last bottle holder with 9 hungry/greedy lambs clamouring for the contents of the last bottle!