Wednesday, 18 April 2018

In an Ancient Woodland

Golitha Falls is indeed a very ancient woodland, mentioned in The Domesday Book ordered by King William the Conqueror and published in 1086.
It's a National Nature Reserve, important for its liverwort, lichens and mosses.
To me, it's a well-loved place of beauty, tranquility and peace completed by the sounds of birdsong and the River Fowey as it makes its way from its source on Bodmin Moor to the harbour of Fowey.

 The path was a bit tricky here as some of the path had fallen into the river, thanks to the incessant rain of the winter months.

 The lichen- and moss-covered trees and rocks are testament to the pure air in this area. 

I tried to add a video of Otters playing in the river at Golitha Falls, but the best I can do is the link.  It's a YouTube video - if you highlight the link and right-click, you should find on the list a direction to view it. 
Otherwise, highlight the link, copy it and open in a new tab.  

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Oh, what a grey day.

When the rain is non-stop, it isn't pleasant up on Bodmin Moor, with squelchy mud underfoot and a constant barrage of wind and icy rain to the face.
So we settled for a short circular walk on firm ground.
This is the main road through the village - busy, isn't it? 

 The little church, shared by Methodists and Anglicans, which is open all day for anyone to visit.  On my walk, I was chatting to a lady tending her garden who is the key-holder and responsible for locking the church around teatime. 

I'm always intrigued by these ornamental bricks which form a stretch of the pavement in front of a row of cottages.
Unfortunately, many of them are damaged badly because of the number of cars which are parked on them.

Benji's nose was twitching when he came to this gate; he knew there was another dog inside.  What he didn't know was that it was a rather large Weimeraner!

So little traffic (in fact, none while we were there on that day!) that Benji is allowed off-lead along this lane so he can explore and enjoy an occasional gallop.

Ewes and lambs pointedly ignoring the rain whilst grazing.

Not the most exciting walk, but we did have a couple of better days so I have a few photos lined up for another post.

Sunday, 1 April 2018


Some Cornish Daffodils (and other flowers) to brighten your day.