Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Any New Year Resolutions I have made in the past have been the usual 'must lose weight' and 'must get rid of clutter' type ones, which generally fall by the wayside before January is out.
But this year, I have put more thought into what is important and in the hope of keeping to them, I shall write them in stone for the world to witness . . . well, write them on my blog for at least a few people to read.

So, in no particular order . . . . .

#1  Keep to a budget of £40 or less for weekly shopping;
#2  Cut out the use of plastic as much as possible;
#3  Collect litter from our beaches on every visit;
#4  Really concentrate on increasing exercise, losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure;
#5  Go camping in my tent at least 3 times, hopefully more;
#6  Get Benji down to 9Kg (presently 12.20Kg);
#7  Decorate at least the living room and the hall in my home;
#8  Get my paints and brushes out again after a break of more than a year - I have LOTS of blank canvases to fill;
#9  Maintain the garden without relying on help except for the high hedges.
#10  De-clutter!

So there they are; I shall look back at the end of every month and make a note of how I'm doing with each one.  Targets set - here's to a successful year of BEING BETTER