Monday, 27 February 2017

Colour in the garden

Despite the downpours and gales of recent weeks, there has been a variety of colour in the garden - and how cheering it is to see the lovely flowers.
Two varieties of Snowdrops -



Such a shame they hang their heads; you need to be a contortionist to capture their patterns and colours properly.

Violas, somewhat rain-damaged unsurprisingly.

Late Daffodils - and yes . . the pot needs weeding!

Purple Heather

Erm . . . ?

Early Daffodils (they bloomed in January)

And finally . . I don't have photos but I know definitely that  frogs are a -wooing in my neighbour's pond, 'cos their amorous croaking has been lulling me to sleep in recent weeks!  I shall have to watch out for their tiny offspring in a few weeks time when I'm mowing my lawns. 


  1. Lovely! Our spring is still far out of sight, but I can smell yours from here ... almost :)

  2. Not so many signs of spring in Suffolk yet. We have some lovely clumps of Hellebores at the cottage - white and dark pink, but as you say,impossible to photograph as they are always looking down.

  3. Much the same here in Dorset, the hellebores are lovely, I bring a few inside just to admire. I have crocus and iris reticulata in a sunny spot, I think bulbs are magical, storing their energy all winter then appearing to give us hope.

  4. What pretty snowdrops. I never think to check if mine have different markings.

  5. The pictures are lovely. The first signs of spring are heart filling.

  6. Wow - Spring is really springing forward in your part of the world, Rosie. It's lovely to see and what a great range of colourful flowers.

  7. So lovely to see your photographs here.
    The colours are so nice.

    Happy March
    Happy Spring

    All the best Jan

  8. I am loving your blog and totally in love with Snowdrops.

    So sorry about the loss of your dog. I'd be lost without my Rex, hair and all!

    1. Yes, Zac was always shedding his fur, great clumps of it. Nowadays my vacuum cleaner is on part-time hours, but I'd gladly go back to daily vacuuming to have my boy back here.


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