Friday, 30 December 2016

The Boxing Day Walk

What better place for the traditional Boxing Day walk than a beautiful Cornish beach?  The day dawned bright and sunny, the sea was a magnificent deep blue and there was just enough breeze to form miniature breakers on the beach.
However - because I wasn't mobile, I wasn't able to experience this for myself, so I have borrowed these lovely photos from Charles Winpenny, whose Cornwall Cam website can be found here -

Perran Beach

Chapel Rock, just off Perranporth Beach. 

 The site of the 1920's Ponsmere Hotel, now intended for houses and apartments

 The popular Watering Hole on Perranporth Beach

 Both beach and hillside paths were busy.

 Late afternoon and a low sun

Please do look at for more beautiful photos of Cornwall.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Starting afresh after Christmas

Sorry for my prolonged absence - post operation I haven't felt up to much at all; the cocktail of medications has meant a semi-drugged state of mind with no energy, appetite or will to do anything.  No-one had cards from me, presents were given to those who visited, but no posting was done.  I am so grateful for the family's help with shopping, cooking and general care of me and the house - I have been pretty useless!
Now I feel that day by day, things are improving, though my son's return to far-flung places is now imminent and my daughter-in-law also has travel plans; youngest son is still housebound and unable to ride his motorbike after his leg re-building operation 2 months ago after falling from the loading bay at work.  I will hopefully be able to return to driving around my birthday in February so at least we will have transport between us.  In the meantime, I shall be making the most of grocery deliveries and maybe Wiltshire Farm Foods for a supply of frozen meals to keep body and soul together. (They have a huge comprehensive catalogue of tasty offerings which I look forward to sampling!)
So - a few photos, rather random, but I haven't been out and about very much.
First of all, this little feller was very badly missed with his habit of tearing open presents -

But I had a beautiful and unexpected Christmas present that brought me to tears (again!) when I opened it - a dear friend had sent a snap he took on Perranporth Beach in August, just a week before Zac died, to an artist friend who painted this canvas, 14" x 30" in acrylics.  It is so accurate - he captured Zac's beautiful eyes and expression, his markings, everything.
Apologies that it is sideways on - this seems to happen whenever someone takes a photo on their phone then emails it to my laptop; no amount of editing, turning, etc makes a difference. 

Another sideways-on photo, taken by my son when he bundled me into the car and took me to the beach cafe - a lovely sunrise over a very calm sea.  On a previous visit, it was blowing a hooley and large waves were crashing on to the beach.  When I came out of the cafe, the wind was at my back and as I gathered speed on my crutches, I feared I would end up in the river Seaton!!!

On a grey but dry day I drove down to Newquay airport to collect my son, who had flown down from London on the final leg of his journey from Kabul to spend his Christmas break with me. Youngest son came with me and as the flights were delayed, twice, we went on to Padstow to find something to eat.  Fish and chips were the order of the day - but not at Rick Stein's prices; a smaller establishment satisfied our hunger at a reasonable price and we sat on a harbour seat enjoying the view along with the meal, guarding against the seagulls!

We had a little drama when Caspar the cat took ill, starting by going off his food, but getting worse over a few days; he then suffered a stroke and was rushed to the vet. Poor thing had blood tests, urine tests and was off his feet for several days but has now made a good recovery, thank goodness. He has a few bald patches where he had injections and a drip - this was taken when he came home from the vet, with his little bandage on his paw.  

 I've had some lovely flowers from friends, this basket arrangement from Helena who belongs to a forum that I participate in; we have met several times when she and her family have come down to Cornwall on holiday

Finally some seasonal food - some delicious sausage rolls made by my son which were soooooo tasty, containing chopped apricots, herbs and crushed pine nuts as well as the best pork sausage meat.  I shall miss his cooking!

May I wish everyone all the very best for 2017, hoping for a happy, healthy and possibly prosperous New Year. 😊😊