Sunday, 29 January 2017

Reminder about the Persephone books

 Would those of you who indicated an interest in having a few of my books, please email me at this address and give me your names and addresses?
So far, only two have responded, so I thought I'd better write a new post rather than just add to the comments on my last one.
Hopefully,  I will be able to send the books out during the coming week.
I shall put my own name and address in each parcel and would be very grateful to receive the cost of the postage.
Thanks very much!


  1. Hope my email with address got to you

  2. I have e-mailed you today, thankyou.

  3. Sue and Sandra - yes thank you, I have your addresses, also Mrs M. So that's three . . . . . ???????

  4. Rosie,

    Yes please! I have some but you may have some I don't have. I will gladly reimburse postage or if you have a paypal account I could pay the money in there.

    Just a thought - you can weigh the books on kitchen scales and look the postage costs up on the Royal Mail website. When I belonged to a book swapping online group we used to do this!

    Emailing you now...


  5. 'Amy at Love made my home' and 'Only slightly confused' are the two names and addresses that I still need, please, ladies.

  6. Never make no the books!!! I know you can drive now mother so no need for me to guest blog from Afghanistan. It's lovely to see you writing again, I look forward to reading more about your adventures in Cornwall. How about one from that fabulous woodland down on new bridge or from sharp tor? Keep writing Mother.... d xxx

  7. Ok so posting on an iPad in the airport... not so good. What I meant was never mind the books! Not quite what I wrote which was more the deranged musings of a psychotic gibbon.....

  8. It's OK, D; I'm used to your deranged musings! Hopefully, some good weather during the next few days will allow me to get out and about with my camera so that I can write a new post.
    If no more addresses are forthcoming very soon, I shall divide the books among the ones that have replied.


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