Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Holidays in Perranporth.

When friends from up-country come to Cornwall for their holidays, I like to meet up with them and spend a few hours catching up.  So last week, when friends from Matlock in Derbyshire came down for their long-awaited week in Cornwall, we arranged to meet in Perranporth.  Even though it's holiday season and our roads and resorts are pretty full, I hoped I would be able to find a parking space not too far from the beach.  We were due to have lunch together in 'The Watering Hole', the pub/restaurant on the beach.
Well as things turned out, I had my pick of parking places - the place was almost empty! The constant rain had driven people away from the beach so there was lots of space in the car parks and in the restaurant - no-one at all at the outside tables, either.
 Note the few hardy souls who were well wrapped up and carrying umbrellas!
The parasols were closed down at The Watering Hole and the Beach Shop was closed.

 Just as we were leaving, the rain stopped briefly and a few people were braving the beach.
 But what a difference - this week, friends from Sheffield came down for a 2 week holiday and yesterday I drove to Perranporth again to spend a few hours with them.  The sun was shining, the beach was busy and it was a gorgeous day to be on a Cornish beach.  Once again, we had lunch and sat at one of the outside tables to enjoy the day.

Now, I enjoy Cornwall in all weathers, but I have the advantage of living here all the time; but it must be galling to endure wet, chilly weather (in AUGUST!) during the one week that you have been looking forward to for ages. 
My Matlock friends feel rather miffed!  


  1. We stay well away from the popular places in August! It is so nice for the holiday makers to see the sun and Perranporth is a wonderful beach for children.

  2. Yes, I usually do the same as you, but my friends are restricted to school holiday times, so I have to 'enjoy' the holiday traffic if I want to see them. Coming away from Perranporth, I was in a long, long queue of traffic trying to get out on to the A30, but once away from there, it was all good - and I was home in good time.

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  4. Give me a rainy day on the beach anytime, the sight of all those people would have me running in the other direction!

  5. Yes, me too - but my friends and I met up at the Watering Hole for lunch and sat at one of their outside tables, elevated above the crowds of sun=seekers. I always head for the quiet places.


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