Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Man Engine comes to Minions

An introduction and lots of information about The Man Engine and the reasons it was invented in this link -

We queued for ages in crawling or stationary traffic, taking 90 minutes to drive from my village to Minions (normally less than 10 minutes), got very wet and chilled, waited until well after the original time to see the transformation of The Man Engine, then waited even longer in the parking field for well over an hour before we could leave (thanks to some very rude and aggressive motorists who didn't know the meaning of 'give way', 'no, after you' or have the patience to take their turns) and today, my knees are very, very painful after the walking and standing around . . . BUT after all that, I am so glad we went. The Man Engine is a brilliant piece of engineering and it was sobering to hear some of the history of the mining in this area before having a moment to remember those miners who lost their lives underground.
There was a drone circling the Man Engine - and I almost expected him to want to swat it away!!! I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing, because we weren't close enough to see his legs and feet, but that was a choice I made, because I was concerned about the possibility of the whole thing toppling over - it was after all standing in an area that is riddled with mines and underground tunnels. (Worried Mummy and Grandma!)
The first few photos are to give you some idea of the crowds, the weather (typical Cornish mizzle!) and the resigned anticipation of what was to come.

 You might recognise Houseman's Engine House in the background of this photo, as it has appeared in some of my previous photos when I have been walking with Zac up there. 

Suddenly, there was a buzz of excitement when the Man Engine's head appeared above the crowd.

But it was a false alarm; he was being lifted carefully from the huge flat-bed lorry that has been transporting him around the mining areas of Cornwall.

The Callington Silver Band could be heard approaching . . . 

  . . . . and came up the track just in front of us.

And still we waited; the time of transformation had now been put back to 7pm and the wetness persisted!
 But then - 

 Spot the drone.

An unforgettable experience - for mixed reasons.


  1. We saw it on Television and were amazed. It must be even more amazing to see it in reality.

  2. It was, Elizabeth - despite the queuing, the rain, the delays - it was an amazing sight to see and a wonderfully clever piece of engineering. The main criticism would be the lack of organisation to deal with the crowds and the parking. I suspect that the residents of this tiny village which was completely overwhelmed last night, won't be very happy.

  3. He looks amazing! We kept hearing about it on the radio when we were in Cornwall this week. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you've warmed up now!
    Cathy x

  4. Likewise we waited a long time to see the Man machine, but it was well worth the wait. May I suggest you take a look on the RSPB website, I feel sure the bird you saw was a Stonechat. Love your blog, but rarely leave a comment, will do more so in future. Thank you

    1. Hi Kathy. I think you may be right about the bird - it does indeed look like a Stonechat and the song fits, too. Thank you for that.
      Were you at Minions as well? And thank you for the comment - I love to know people have actually seen my ramblings! Hope to 'see' you again.


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