Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Elusive birds,cattle and Zac!

Last week, I paid another short visit to a quiet shore of Colliford Reservoir where the only sounds were of skylarks high overhead and the lovely songs of unidentified birds which were flitting between the gorse bushes. There's one of those birds on that shrub in the distance, almost at the water's edge.

 Here he is!

 And again! I think it might be a Chaffinch.

Earlier today, once the temperature had dropped, I took Zac for a stroll up on the Moor.  Unusually, there was not a single sheep up there;  I wonder if they have been taken away for shearing.  
Zac never looks his age when he's somewhere exciting - and to him, the Moor is always exciting, with a good chance of meeting up with some doggy friends.

 The bracken is now waist-high thanks to the heavy rain, followed by hot sunshine, but the animals prefer to eat grass.

 The cattle are being very sensible and relaxing in any shade they can find; trees are few and far between on the Moor.


  1. Wonderful pictures of the cows, so very English and pastoral! There is something just right about a scene like that isn't there. Zac looks very happy indeed. I don't know much about birds, but I think that is a chaffinch too! xx

  2. It's hard for the animals to find a bit of shade.
    Definitely a chaffinch!

  3. How lovely and cool it looks by the water - hasn't it been hot. I feel sorry for the poor animals in this weather, lucky for the cows there were one or two trees about, I like how they roam freely and are allowed to suckle their calves, something that not many farmers allow these days. Enjoy the rest of the weekend - I think the weather is going to turn a bit cooler next week (which is OK by me) I'm not really a hot weather person. Love that happy smile on Zac's face :)


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