Sunday, 20 March 2016

A riverside walk on the First Day of Spring.

How things change!  A week ago, we were walking at a slow amble because Zac wasn't able to manage a better pace; this week, he is bright, alert, happy and eager to go for walkies, while I am feeling weak and less than wonderful! After waking up with a painful throat I went on to develop a hacking cough (again!) which disturbed my sleep for the rest of the week.  So while Zac is all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I am anything but! However, there's a quiet little riverside walk not too far away which suits us both.  This is the village of Forder and the Forder Valley Viaduct that carries the railway line linking Plymouth to Falmouth.

These boats moored along the riverbank look so picturesque, floating on the high tide.

Zac eventually decided he would go down the steps for a cooling drink in the stream.

 Keep an eye out for the Forder swans, Zac!  A pair of swans have brought up their young every year in living memory, so they are quite territorial. Very photogenic, too.


  1. Sorry you haven't been well, it seems that the viruses are still alive and well as so many people have had return attacks.

  2. There has been a distinct lack of sharp frosts this winter which usually kills off all the bugs. I think I'm over the worst now, although the cough still lingers to disturb my sleep.

  3. Water scenes are so relaxing. I hope they helped make you feel better.

  4. Hope you feel better very soon. Your walk looks very scenic. xx

  5. Yes, the fresh air made me feel better, thanks - and the views of that area are so calming.


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