Saturday, 2 April 2016

Easter week - out and about

Thank goodness the weather forecast wasn't very accurate this week
or we would have been battling heavy rain and wild winds.
Good Friday was a beautiful day with wall-to-wall sunshine and
our beaches and roads were busy as locals and tourists alike made
the most of such a treat.
However, I fancied somewhere quieter so I took Zac to Golitha Falls,
not very far from home and with few cars to be seen along the
narrow lanes.

Oops!  I hadn't noticed that Zac was wandering out of shot!

This Gorse bush was a lovely bright spot after the shade under
the trees - and the scent was glorious.  I always think of it as 
something like vanilla, but I've heard others describe it as like
coconut.  What does it remind you of?
And having taken that photograph, my camera shut down!
Note to self - charge it regularly!

Another drive out, this time to Seaton Country Park. Those brown reeds in the distance grow alongside the River Seaton as it makes its way through the Country Park, under the main road, over the beach and eventually out to sea. And that's where you'd expect to find the seagulls, isn't it?
But no - this noisy lot were enjoying the big puddle left behind after overnight heavy rain had flooded the grassy area of the Park.  I've even seen a heron standing in there, but not today; I don't know if the river had flooded and deposited fish in that puddle or if frogs were the attraction.  Who knows?

But it wouldn't be Spring in Cornwall without the Daffodils and Primroses, so here's a selection of the sights you see all over the county at this time of year.  
Fields of commercially grown daffs - 

 And the true Cornish Primrose, a very pale lemon -

 They can be found on the banks of the lanes, naturalised over many years along with the glossy bright yellow flowers of the Celandines - always a very welcome sign of Spring.

So we've had a mixed bag of weather - sunshine, hailstones, showers, grey days and bright ones - but without this combination Cornwall wouldn't be such a magical place with its green fields, beautiful flowers  - and wouldn't life be boring if every day was the same? 


  1. Celandines and primroses, such a Springlike combination. We are beginning to see them in our hedges now.

  2. From your pictures, I can see that spring flowers definitely flourish in Cornwall. I am hoping that dear Zak is also flourishing in the fine spring weather.

    It's grand to be able to sit here in my apartment and be able to travel to you part of the world via my lap top. xo

  3. I love to see primroses and celandines growing on the banks by the side of the road, such a beautiful sight. xx

  4. All those yellows - just gorgeous! I think the smell of gorse is like vanilla and coconut mixed together, and love the fact that it seems to flower all year round. Fields of daffodils and banks of primroses - a perfect springtime in Cornwall post.
    Cathy x

  5. I had no idea the pale yellow primrose was typical of Cornwall... I have a little bit of Cornwall in my garden in Brittany, then, I guess!

    1. I have several different coloured primroses in my garden but they were commercially grown ones; the truly wild ones that grow along the hedgerows and banks are the very pale lemon ones. Very pretty indeed - Mother Nature knows best!

  6. Spring feelings everywhere in these photos!! I also love all of the birds on the lake :)


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