Friday, 11 March 2016

The Rain stopped . . . .

So at last my tall and shaggy conifer hedge was able to have a 'short back & sides'!
This little blue-eyed blonde waved her hefty petrol hedge-cutter around as though it were a feather and made an excellent job of it, carting away all the debris afterwards.

The dry and sunny day also meant that Zac and I ventured up on to the Moor, where all the animals were making the most of the warm sunshine on their backs.  We didn't walk far as Zac is still suffering with arthritis but there were plenty of animals around for me to gather a few snapshots, even on our short wander.

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with the vet, after a particularly worrying week when Zac has been struggling to get to his feet without help.  He has had to go back on to the medication that upset him previously so I'm watching for any signs of that happening again and hoping against hope that it won't happen.


  1. Best wishes to you and Zac that the upcoming vet appointment might bring some reassurance.

    Many thanks to you all for the photographs from your walk. The close up views of those sheep show some magnificent animals. Of course, the close up photo of Zac is best of all.


  2. I hope that things will be as ok for Zac as they can be. xx

  3. It's not encouraging news, to be honest. The medication that Zac is taking now is the safest of all the NSAIDs available so if/when this has bad side effects, there's nothing else to try.
    He still needs help to get up when he's been lying down too long and last night he was retching - which could be the first sign that once again this medication is upsetting his stomach. I wish I could report better news. :(


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