Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rambling around Looe

After a few rainy days, it was good to get out and about yesterday.  Starting in West Looe and the Millpool car park, this was the view across the boating lake to East Looe and some of the rather nice houses built into the hillside above the town. There was a stiff breeze blowing and it was quite bracing - brought colour to the cheeks! 

Two hopeful fishermen were just setting up their rods to catch Flounder in the shallow, muddy estuary as the tide rushed in to meet the river.

As the sun briefly emerged from behind a cloud, it illuminated this house on the far bank of the Looe River; it sits among the beech trees that are home to all the local herons, Egrets and Little Egrets. Its claim to fame is that it was once owned by Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street).  I'd love to see inside it.

 And as I wandered further along the bank, I spotted a pair of herons sitting by their untidy twiggy nest, high in the trees.

Obligingly, the sun came out again and brought out the russet of the remaining beech leaves. 

It was difficult to focus steadily on the birds as the wind was quite strong and my camera at full zoom; one of those times when a tripod would have been useful. But the male suddenly woke up and turned his head so that his beak was distinguishable and I held my breath and pressed the shutter.  At last - recognisably a Heron!

 Of course, there are many birds here; the estuary is a popular feeding ground Gulls galore!

 Ducks sleeping and sunbathing at the water's edge; they live quite happily all year round in the salt water.

 As the sun slipped lower in the sky, we left the Millpool and crossed Looe Bridge to East Looe and one of our favourite cafes on Fore Street, Cafe Fleur.
Looking through the window at the houses and hotels of West Looe and Hannafore.

Before getting back in the car, a few photos of the fishing boats currently tied up in the harbour. 

 And finally - the last of the sun reflecting in the windows of the higher houses above the main car park.


  1. Nice it's time to put your feet up and have a warm cup of something.

  2. Oh I did that when I got home - nice cappuccino with added Baileys coffee liqueur! I felt very tired, but I was also rather pleased because that was quite a walk, the longest so far since my replacement knee operation - and with just a walking stick, no crutches. I'm reliant on my daughter-in-law for transport at present but she has taken me out a few times now, so I've been able to practice the walking. I hope I shall be able to drive in 2 or 3 weeks, then watch me go!

  3. It sounds as though you are doing well with the walking. The heron photos were amazing, I have not seen one locally for a while.

  4. What a beautiful place. I can feel the wind and fresh air from your description; it sounds a bit like the tidal river that runs through our town. From your reply above, I see that this walk tested your mobility and you passed quite well - that is excellent news!

  5. THere are Herons here all year round; I think the Egrets go elsewhere for the colder months as I only see them in the summer. But at low tide in Looe, there's usually a heron to be seen, standing like a statue, gazing into the rock pools, then suddenly stabbing downwards for a tasty treat. They are also seen regularly alongside the tidal Looe river, when the water level drops and leaves grassy mounds for them to stand on. |

  6. Love those herons, with wonderful soft colours of the trees and the birds plumage! And the glossy feathers of the mallard. It looks like a very good day out! Icy cold up here on Scotland's east coast, but just flurries of snow and nothing nasty to contend with, apart from the strong winds! A x

  7. I love Looe - but not in summer of course - way too many tourists. In fact that reminds me of an insane bicycle ride my sister and I ended up going on - trying to beat the tide coming in. Must write that one up for the blog! I thought my brother-in-law was going to kill me. Well done on the walking though. I'm sure for someone who has always been used to being out and about it must be tough to be housebound - cabin fever here we come. But like you say, every day brings you that much closer to regaining your independence doesn't it. Anna

  8. So pleased you were able to get out and enjoy a walk.
    I certainly enjoyed your post and all the lovely photo's.

    All the best Jan

  9. Loved your walk and seeing the birds x


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