Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Garden House

I visited this lovely 10-acre garden with my son and daughter-in-law when they were here to visit me.  We had intended going to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, but after enjoying a lazy morning and a leisurely breakfast at an outside table of our village Farm Shop, we realised that we hadn't enough of the day left to do it justice - Heligan needs a full day.  So we cut down our travelling time by going to The Garden House at Buckland Monochorum in Devon and enjoyed ambling along the pathways through the themed areas of this cosier, undemanding place instead.
As I used to live in nearby Horrabridge, I have been to this garden many times, often with a thermos, sandwiches, fruit and a book - to sit on 'my' bench in the little walled garden. (If anyone was already sitting there, I confess to lingering nearby, casting irritated looks their way until they felt it best to move on!)
But my son and daughter-in-law had never been before and absolutely loved it.
These first photos were taken by my son, on his phone, and are of far better quality than I could manage with my camera, so my thanks to you, son. xx
You'll see the difference when I post mine!

I apologise for these 'sideways' photos - no matter how I try to edit them, I can't get them the right way up!

I can do this - !!!!!

And now with my own camera . . . .

 Oh look!  Upright trees!

I love Acers but they are not at their most colourful best until October; all being well, I shall be back then to see and photograph much more vibrant colours.

 'MY' seat, claimed with my rucksack while I take photos.  

It was a hot, sultry afternoon and I wish I could convey the sounds of birdsong and the low humming of many bees as they busied themselves about the garden.
Our final stop was at the house, for tea and cake served on the terrace.


  1. Oh yes, that would be a place that I would enjoy going to for my alone time. Lovely!

  2. That brought back some memories. I took my mother to see the gardens many years ago, and we loved it. Went back again after a few more years and found it to be as enchanting as ever.

    1. Maybe we can do it together one day if you have to travel up this way, Elizabeth?

  3. This is one of my favourite gardens, I am disappointed to see from your photos that the planting of the Oval beds has been changed. They are not so impressive now.

    1. Maybe they will be changed again next year, Brian, if the gardeners realise that this year's planting didn't look so good. Going in late August, the garden seemed to be in that state of 'wildness' that happens after the main blooms have gone over, but before the autumn colours come into their own. As we walked along the paths, gardeners were busily weeding and removing barrow-loads of spent plants. I shall go back next month to see the Acers.

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