Monday, 2 November 2015

Summer in November - and a birthday.

Who would have thought that the first day of November could be just like a Summer Day?  This was Looe Harbour yesterday - blue skies, sunshine and hot, hot, hot.

Looe was busier than many a day in July or August: the Glass Bottom Boat and the passenger ferry between East & West Looe were doing a roaring trade.

My grandchildren and I were heading for the seashore at Hannafore, because we were in search of the tiny yellow shells that can be found there, just in front of the Coastguard Station.  In the photo below, you can see the heat haze obscuring the view of Freathy and Rame Head.  A heat haze in November!

Transfixed by the activities of a Hermit Crab among the stones underwater.

 Boys always have to go just that bit further, don't they?

After the rock-pooling and shell-collecting, we adjourned to the cafe for cake and drinks.

Then home to celebrate Zac's 13th birthday with gifts which he loved unwrapping!


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    1. I'm sure he had a very happy birthday! He loves being with the children, loves the beach - and loved tearing the wrapping paper off his gifts. He came home tired, sandy, wet - and very happy. We all enjoyed a wonderful day.

  2. Our Murphy enjoys unwrapping presents, he will open other peoples gifts given half a chance.

    1. We've had to change our habits at Christmas since Zac discovered the joys of tearing gifts open - we can no longer pile gifts under the tree!

  3. Love the rambles with you - nice to have summer in November enjoy while you can and I see you do!


    1. Hello there, WWW! Nice to see you again - and thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy our rambles, but I'm afraid we've lost that glorious weather now; we have fog, fog and more fog. And rain.


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