Friday, 20 November 2015


I drove to Altarnun yesterday as I had arranged to go along to the Moorland Art Group whose monthly meetings are held in the Village Hall.  Altarnun is on the north-eastern edge of Bodmin Moor, while my own home is on the opposite side of the Moor.  After the Art Group meeting, I had a wander around this very pretty village with camera in hand and although it was a grey and rainy day, I hope you enjoy the resulting photos. 

St. Nonna's Church, also known as The Cathedral of The Moors because of its size.

I believe this house is the one which was The Poor Houses until the mid 1800s when it was sold and became a private residence.

An ancient Post Bridge, now restored to its former glory.

A lovely row of cottages - with Zac getting in the frame!

I love this pretty gate - but I'd have to get the wire brush and Hammerite to it. Such a shame it's been allowed to go rusty.

And finally - the Village Hall where I started the day. There's a Post Office and small store attached and I bought a jar of locally made Plum Jam in there - "Mmmmmm!"  is all I can say; I had some for my tea when I returned home. 


  1. It really is, Amy, but it would have looked even better if the sun had been shining. However, as I was there, I decided it was worth walking round in the rain to take some photographs for my blog. I think I shall go back in the summer.

  2. What a beautiful town. I enjoyed going on the photo walk with you.
    The church was lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The church is a very famous one with lots of history. I would have liked to have gone inside but dogs weren't allowed in the church yard.

  4. I found you over at Penny's blog. I love seeing scenery from different countries and these are some lovely photos! Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Joy; I'm glad you came over from Penny's blog to have a look at my photos of Cornwall. x


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