Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Royal William Yard in Plymouth

I had a lovely day out with friends today; we're half way through 
October and having the 3rd week of an Indian Summer - 
sunshine all the way, very little rain and just a chill in the air 
when out of the sunshine to remind us that Winter is fast 
approaching.  You just have to make the most of these days, don't you?
I couldn't stop in the road outside, so I had to take this photo 
of the imposing statue of King William IV atop the gateway from 
inside the Yard.

Look left - and you see a couple of large white cows in a quiet
relaxation area surrounded by flower beds.

After finding a parking space, we headed for one of the eateries (of which there are several, all offering a variety of food) for some lunch and much-needed coffee. We sat at an outside table, soaking up the wonderful sunshine as we admired the boats moored in the harbour.

We wandered around the Yard but unfortunately, being out-of-season, there wasn't much else to see, but it was a pleasant wander nevertheless; eventually we sauntered to the car and climbed aboard.  The car parking charges are calculated from the moment you enter the Yard (camera record of your number plate)  until you put your registration number into one of the pay-machines. And THAT was when I wished we'd done less sauntering . . . . instead of paying £2 for 2 hours, we jumped to the £5 day charge BY 2 MINUTES!!!!! Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!! Really annoying as it took more than 2 minutes to use the parking machine  -  enter your registration letters; press the photo of your car; confirm that this is your vehicle; press either 'cash', debit card or credit card; press to view the charge; finally insert the coins.
So we headed out of the city and followed the Cornish coastline, enjoying the beautiful sea views, finally reaching Cremyll, across the water from the Royal William Yard but having driven in a huge circle around the land. A table in the sunshine, at the edge of the water, plus cappuccinos all round = perfection. Once again, lots to see, even at low tide -

That's the ferry boat, the Edgcumbe Belle, on the left; the incoming tide is causing it to swing around and power into the current before it reaches its destination.

 Made it and the passengers can disembark.

A large ship in dock for service or repair.

And while we sat there, another one entered the approach to the dock, a Type 23 Frigate, HMS Somerset.

 . . . . . followed by one of the smallest crafts, Patrol boat (P280)  HMS Dasher.

This man and his little dog sat on the shingle and shared a sandwich and a drink of water, the boat was wiped all over before they both climbed aboard and off they sailed. 

Finally, I loved this old ornate clock on the Cremyll Ferry office building, especially the wise words,


  1. You have shown me something new! My visits to Plymouth have never included any of your tour, and it was fascinating to see the life in the harbour...especially the boating dog! And...have never even heard of Cremyll. Shame.

    1. If you have ever visited Mount Edgcumbe, Elizabeth, you have probably been very close to Cremyll, as it is only yards away from the Orangery; in fact Cremyll is the bus terminal and has a main entrance and drive up to the main house and gardens of Mount Edgcumbe.

  2. Sorry about the large jump in the parking charge. Very expensive two minutes indeed.

    Much better to view that lovely old clock after enjoying the opportunity to see such a wide variety of sailing ships.

    Thank you again for sharing the rambles. xo

  3. Looks like a great day out! Shame about the parking though! xx

  4. A lovely day out ending with wise words.

  5. We have been meaning to go there for ages, thanks for the warning about the parking fees!

    1. Allow yourselves plenty of time to actually pay!!! But enjoy the Seco Lounge food and drink - I recommend the coffee.


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