Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Colourful Day

A pretty, colourful picture to head this post, especially if you are a cat-lover.
Me - I'm a dog-lover (though I do confess to a soft spot for my son's little cat who always comes running to greet me when I visit). But this collection of cat-inspired gifts arrived along with a letter from Cats Protection, asking for donations.  There are 3 x blank, glossy photo-cards with envelopes, a notebook, a pen, a reflective bookmark, a circular magnet . . . . . and a thank you note from a cat!
I was not happy to receive them; I give to specific charities chosen because they are personal to me and I refuse to be guilted into giving more than I can afford to charities - and Cats Protection is by no means the only one - who send unsolicited gifts.  Grrrrr!

I'm not an artist;  I just like to paint and recently I joined a local Art Group.  There is no teacher, just a group of people who like to produce paintings/art using all different kinds of media and methods. This was my first attempt, which started out much bigger;  I wasn't very happy with it but when I brought it home and tried cropping it, it looked better.

You can learn a lot merely by looking and listening - and occasionally we have an artist come to spend time with us and teach us.  This week it was Ian Pethers . . . . . . . .

and he showed us a whole new way of producing a really good picture, using black ink and watercolour paints.  Each of these large boards took about 30-45 minutes.

These were two paintings from an earlier demonstration - aren't they fantastic?
I've been practising but mine don't come close to any of Mr Pethers'!!

I took this photo on a recent walk on the Lanhydrock Estate; I wonder if I can translate it into a painting in Ian Pethers' style?  Watch this space!

Of course, while I attend the Art Group meeting, I have to leave Zac at home.
Do you get the impression he wasn't happy with me?  Lol, lol.

Enjoy a few more nice days before the weather changes; in 4 days British Summertime ends.  :(


  1. That black ink and watercolor approach produces some wonderful results. Happy practicing. You'll have to sneak Zac in next time...

  2. Poor Zac!!
    There are so many people bemoaning the influx of charity appeals at the moment. As we get nearer Christmas it will get worse.
    Loved the black ad white technique.

  3. I think your paintings are fantastic!!!!! You have a real talent! I don't like those guilt gifts from charities either! They don't make me want to donate to them at all. I have my charities already thanks! xx


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