Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cows Stuck in a Tree!!!!

After reading that news heading, I just had to report it within my ramblings.

A cow and a bullock have both had lucky escapes after both getting their heads stuck in the same tree days apart.
The animals were found wedged at Trelissick House in Cornwall.
During the first incident last Friday, staff on the estate spent half an hour trying to find a way to free the bullock before deciding to chisel away some branches to release its ear.
In the second incident, which happened on Tuesday, a cow did exactly the same thing and was again freed by staff.
National Trust worker Craig Hardman said he thought it was a joke when he was told about the first incident.
But when he arrived at the field and saw the bullock's head stuck in the sycamore tree he said he realised it was actually quite serious.
"We don't know why the cows did it," he said. "We've looked at the hole and there is nothing of any interest in there.
"We just think there were some insects in there that attracted them. Maybe they just wanted some alone time.
"We don't know how long they had been stuck in there when they were spotted.
"We've had two different cows get their heads stuck in the same hole four days apart. To my knowledge it has never happened before.
"It is a bit of a weird one."
The National Trust has now fenced off the tree to stop the cattle from doing it again.
They belong to a local farmer and graze on the estate near Truro.


  1. Hadn't heard that one, but it will be n the West Briton tomorrow, no doubt! What silly animals.

  2. I love this post.
    You just never know what or why animals do things.
    But then again how many times have you read where kids stick their heads
    in the runs of a staircase.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I have experienced cows getting their heads stuck on several occasions, although never in a tree. They put their heads up and over a gap and then try to pull back to get out but their head being wider than the neck won't pull through. They don't have the intelligence to lift their head up. I have struggled many times to stop them from pulling backwards while trying to lift their head!

  4. One certainly wonders why they would do that. Small wonder the workers thought it as a joke at first. Good thing someone saw them and got help.

  5. I can only imagine that the second one thought the first one was having too much fun and decided to have a go!! Animals are so funny at what they get up to aren't they! xx


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