Monday, 3 August 2015

Away from the madding crowds

Thousands of people have come down to Cornwall for their summer holidays, making for very busy roads and crowded beaches, so I chose quiet scenery for my day out last Friday, starting with a lovely woodland/river walk on the Lanhydrock Estate.

Of course, Zac thoroughly enjoyed the river.

Watch out for the tree roots which are ready to trip the unwary.

What a lovely thought - but Zac ignored it and chose his own bathing spot.

After this walk - LUNCH, but we were so hungry we had cleared our plates before I remembered to take any photos.  Suffice it to say it was Great!
Then I drove up onto Bodmin Moor with its almost empty lanes, a few ponies and cattle and stunning scenery, eventually arriving at the Colliford Reservoir, where I set up my chair on the grassy verges of the lake and read my book while Zac enjoyed the freedom to explore and dip in and out of the water.

Apologies for the surfeit of 'Zac' photos but he enjoyed the day as much as I did - especially all that water.  I took home a very wet, very tired but very happy dog.

Oh, I joined a local art group this week and although I was rather nervous, I had a go - and painted this - it is far from being good, but it's surprising how much better a painting looks when it;s been cropped and framed.  Such a pity that I managed to get my reflection in the glass!!!!  Doh!


  1. We very much enjoyed visiting Lanhydrock Estate when staying with friends who have holiday cottages nearby. It must be one of the disadvantage living in Cornwall when all the tourists arrive, although like you and Zac the locals know where to go for some peace and quite. Enjoy the holiday season.

  2. Most of the thousands of tourists have descended here also!
    How happy Zac looks in the water, are you sure he isn't really a Water spaniel?

  3. Lovely to go on your walk with you!!! Looks as though Zac had a great time. Your picture looks great doesn't it! It is like cropping photos, they look better without the bits around the edges and a painting looks better with a frame around the edges! xx

  4. It's good to see that you and Zac know of beautiful places not on the summer tourists' radar. Your water dog must have been in heaven before and after lunch.

    Your live in gorgeous part of the world, with such varied aspects. I can tell how these places do inspire your painting. It looks quite fine to me. Please do show us more.


  5. It looks like you and Zac found some quiet places to ramble. Our town is crazy with tourists, too, but I manage to avoid the crowds. Your framed art work looks very professional.

  6. Thank you all so much for your comments (and I'm blushing at the remarks about my painting . . )
    I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful area with the choice of beaches, moorland, woods and river walks as well as some wonderful historic towns and cities, so that the scenery is extremely varied. Like Zac, I do prefer the quieter places where I can snap away with my camera; in the busy towns & cities, I feel awkward about taking photographs with so many people about; a shame really as there are some truly beautiful old buildings full of history.


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