Saturday, 27 June 2015

Summer Blooms

You turn away from your garden for two days and suddenly 
there are more blooms. This fragile little rose is growing in 
the shade of the tall conifer hedge, but has now produced 
several dainty pink flowers.

My Peony has produced two colour variations on the one plant,
both very pretty.

 A lovely colour combination on this Fuchsia.

 Zac keeping an eye on that Crow - just in case!
 And these two are Rua the Red Setter and Goldie the Labrador, my friends' dogs.  Both are 'Rescue' animals, brought over from Ireland after being found wandering the streets of Dublin.
It's good to end with a smile, isn't it? Or even TWO smiles.


  1. Your garden is in the pink! The dogs are lucky - no wonder they're smiling.

  2. What a beautiful garden But I love Zac keeping an eye on that crow.
    The two special smiles at the end where precious.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. What a selection of beautiful colours you have in the garden. Such a pretty rose, do you know its name?

    1. I don't, Elizabeth; it was already here when I moved in. It didn't flower last year, in the shadow and almost underneath the high conifer hedge. This year I trimmed the hedge back to give it more light and found such a pretty rose. I think I shall dig it up after flowering and put it in a large pot so that it can be moved into a sunny spot.

  4. the blooms in your garden are gorgeous, i would love to see a picture of it in it's entirety!!

    cute pups...happy sunday!!!

  5. It's only a small garden, Debbie - a lawn at the back and the front of my bungalow with crammed borders. So many plants in there, that hopefully means fewer weeds to remove. It has high hedges all round for privacy plus a small patio (also crammed with pots of flowers), a greenhouse and a cold frame with my Hibiscus in it. This pampered Hibiscus refuses to flower, whether sheltered in the cold frame or out in the open . . i have threatened it this year - FLOWER, or ELSE!!!

  6. Rua and Goldie are both gorgeous aren't they! So of course are the flowers!!! You could not choose between flowers or doggies! xx

    1. They are great dogs, Amy and after just over a year with my friends, they are so different from when they first came. Excellent temperaments - always an unknown when taking on rescue dogs and not knowing their backgrounds. But both are really good - Goldie in particular loves children, the biggest danger to them is being knocked over in her eagerness to play.


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