Thursday, 18 June 2015

Can anyone identify this tree, please?

PLEASE . . . . can anyone identify this tree?
For several days now it has been alive with bees; the buzzing is constant and although the flowers are like a closed bell, the bees are all over it like a rash.
A friend told me the name - and I've forgotten it! 
It started something like 'Crino . . . .' because she said,"Think of Crinoline to remind you, but of course I can now only recall the Crinoline bit. 


  1. A friend just messaged me all the way from Abu Dhabi, as she is unable to post on my blog -


    Do I get a prize? Its a Chrinodendron Hookerianum - a Chilean lantern tree !!!"

    So now I know!

    Thank you so much, Liz. xx

  2. I had no idea! I am so glad that you found out!!! Don't you had it when you cannot remember the name of a plant. I have a couple in my garden that I forget the names of and it drives me crazy! It is a very beautiful tree isn't it. I can totally see why you wanted to know the name of it!!! xx

  3. I'm lucky to have a knowledgeable friend and when she comes over, all you can hear in my garden is, "What's this one called?" But my brain is like a sieve - everything eventually falls through!

  4. Crinodendron. Peruvian Bell tree.

  5. With a name like that I don't think I'd remember it either. Sure is pretty though.

  6. i'm glad someone was able to i.d. it for you. it looks like the plant bleeding heart (it's very similar) i really like those beautiful colors!!!


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