Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Triffids, Cows and Blue Skies.

There be Triffids about!  Two weeks ago I took a photo in this area and there was absolutely no sign of these brown, palmate leaves; they suddenly sprang up - and I suspect that, just like Topsy, they will grow and grow and grow. 

This one has a flower in it.

A vivid pink Azalea amidst the Euphorbia. I heard a comment on the 
Chelsea Flower Show programme today that orange Geums look good
against Euphorbia too.  I may get some next year. 

 A series of reds in more muted tones:

So, having found the Triffid, I went out in search of some lovely scenery on this sunny, DRY day! Headed towards Looe and turned off to photograph the branch line that runs between Liskeard and Looe, alongside the Looe River.  But the tide was out and there were no beautiful river viewa, only mud flats, so I stopped astride the railway track and looked up and down the line.

The Looe River emptying into the sea alongside the Banjo Pier: I had to snatch a photo as it isn't the best place to stop on the narrow hill leading up to Hannafore.

Now on the coastal path between Looe and Polperro (though we didn't walk all that way) this is the view across to Looe Island, also known as St. George's Island ; the tide was so very low at that time that it might well have been one of those days when it is possible to walk across to the Island. 

Zac and I are staying on dry land today, though. 

Traffic Jam!!!  The ladies were ambling back to the adjoining field and a refreshing drink in the stream. We offered to wait until they were through the gateway, but they stopped . . and chewed . . and looked round at us . . . so as it was  stalemate, I decided we would go first and show them the way.  Devon Reds are a very  docile breed, even when they have youngsters at foot, as these had, so they agreed the new strategy and allowed us to pass. 

From there, we walked on through more fields until Zac reached 'his' stream where he made his way down into the water and lay full stretch under the little waterfall . . . . and that's when my camera battery died! Oh the number of times on the way back that I saw fantastic photo opportunities - so frustrating.

Never mind, I shall be meeting up with friends and their dogs tomorrow and my camera will be fully charged.


  1. Just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing. ♥

  2. That perfect infuriating for you!

  3. aw how i miss the coast. thanks for sharing. x


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