Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Neighbours and a peaceful Meander

Moorland offspring come along a bit later than those in sheltered fields and barns, so we have lambs galore as well as calves and foals.

These photos were taken last month; I'm staying away from that part of the Moor at the moment, not because my dog might chase the animals, but because he wants to befriend the lambs - good intentions but not a good thing.  
So yesterday we went to another of our regular places where a river flows through the woods. It's popular with dog-walkers, who MOSTLY pick up after their pets . . . . mostly! Grrrr! to those who don't. 
The narrow access road to the woods

Our Cornish lanes are filled with flowers at this time of year

The River Lyner is quite shallow at present, barely covering the pebbles on the river bed in parts.

So serene, isn't it? And there are otters here . . . 

And dogs who love a cooling dip! Happy, or what? 

A stretch of the footpath alongside the river

It has been cooler today and overcast; neither of us felt very energetic, so we've had a quiet day at home, apart from a stroll up the lane.  Rain is forecast for tomorrow . . . the garden will be grateful, but I am hoping that summer won't be too long in coming.


  1. Those pictures of the lambs are adorable! Your dog is really funny and is going to be the star of the blog, I guess!

  2. You do live in a lovely part of the county. I think there is nothing nicer than a wander along a lane with wild flowers.
    Hope you can get a follower button up soon, Blogger seems to have changed so much recently.

  3. Such lovely pictures especially those of the river - I love to be near water which I seem to have an affinity with. And all those wildflowers on the lanes - gorgeous - I have all of them in my garden but nothing can beat them growing naturally.

  4. Gorgeous photos.

  5. Awh, very sweet! Happy dog, for sure.


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