Monday, 18 May 2015

Changeable weather.

As you can see, we have a pool of fish now; they will follow your cursor and if you tap the cursor, you can feed the fish. :D
This caught my eye while I was trying to add a Google Follower button and my silly sense of humour won.  Thank you so much to ElizabethD of Cornish Cream for providing the link to a very good website where I found out how to add that Follower button.

Seaton beach in sunshine . . . . 

Kelp, washed up by the tide.

Then the sun went in and the wind picked up . . . . 

Brrrr, it doesn't look so inviting now, does it?

I was hoping for a colourful sunset, but although the wind died away and the sea became calm, it remained cold and grey.  I drove home through torrential rain and had to sit in the car waiting for a chance to get myself and dog out of the car and in home.
Roll on Summer!


  1. How quickly the weather changes these days. It certainly looked very stormy at Seaton. This morning I woke to pouring rain, but I think the sun is trying to come out now!

  2. Hi Rambler! I came over from Elizabeth's blog. Loving you photo's and a little jealous that you got to meet Mrs E. Love her! I got away from blogging for a few years but trying to get back in the swing of it. you have a beautiful blog and I am so glad you started. Two words- DON'T STOP!

  3. Thank you Barb, and so glad you came over from Elizabeth's blog. It was a lovely time we spent together (even if we did get completely lost - several times!) I have just read quite a lot of your blog, too (and bookmarked it) and wish you well in continuing in the same vein. Please don't 'de-clutter'!


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