Sunday, 7 February 2016

Listening to Terry

I was going to do so much this morning, but instead I have been sitting, drinking tea and listening to Radio 2;  Richard Madeley and the producer have devoted this morning's programme to Sir Terry Wogan - his favourite music; the unknowns who he set on the road to stardom by playing their tracks before anyone had heard of them; the hilarious banter between him and his Togs; his famous 'corpsing' when he was incapable of speech because he was laughing helplessly  . . . .  all this and Terry's wonderful Irish lilt as he introduced songs, all bringing a moistness to the eyes as I listen to his voice again, just a week after the shock of hearing that he had died.
Thank you, Terry, for all the years of presenting the best morning programme on radio - EVER!

** Apologies to my non-British followers for my tribute to a well-loved British institution who will be so sadly missed.


  1. I listened to some of it but, listening to Terry's voice brought me out in goosebumps so tuned into local BBCdelic.

    1. Yes, goosebumps here, too but it was so good to hear him again.

  2. He certainly will be missed. A British institution. xx

  3. We just watched Songs of Praise, and there was a lovely segment on Terry singing with Aled Jones.

  4. Oh I missed that today; I was busy getting dinner ready.


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