Sunday, 17 January 2016

Looking forward to . . . .

 . . . the arrival of Spring, sunshine, warmth and longer days.  Also hoping that Zac will be fit and able to enjoy our walks again.  Just a few more weeks . . .
He did very well once he was back on the Miracle Drug (Metacam) but because it had already caused problems previously, I had been researching what else was available, including something that was recommended by one of my nieces who had used it on one of her dogs.  There were several other medicines but all were NSAIDs so had the same gastric or renal side effects as Metacam. But there was also Cartrophen, given as an injection (weekly for 4 weeks, then needing a top-up session as and when necessary.)  The important thing about Cartrophen is that it not only fights the inflammation and pain but also helps to heal the damage already done by the arthritis. So I am pinning my hopes on this to get my boy back to a good standard of health and activity.
He has to be without the Metacam for a week; that time will be up on Tuesday when he will be having his first injection of the 4 weekly ones. He has to have restricted exercise for 6 weeks, in order  not to impede the healing process; I'm thinking that this won't go down too well for a dog who enjoys being free-running.

I drove him up to a parking area on the edge of Bodmin Moor a few days ago, where he thoroughly enjoyed a little stroll and lots of sniffing!  However, after a few minutes a black cloud came our way, as you can see from the few photos I took. The waterlogged track we were following -

It's raining!

Dozing in the rain - and standing in the muddiest corner of their field.

This one, on the Moor, doesn't need a coat.

And so back home where I find just a little bit of colour in my very wet garden.

Not a hybrid - it's a budding Buddleia with flowering Hellebores underneath.

And these are doing quite well in my unheated greenhouse

I look forward to bringing very good news about Zac next time, after he has had his first injection.
I also look forward to better weather - but I suspect it will take a downward turn before any improvement. 


  1. I do hope that Zac is helped by the new medication. Keep us posted.

  2. Fingers crossed that the new injections help Zac and he is able to go running over the moor again. xx

  3. I hope that all will be well, or at least a lot better for Zac in the long term, if not in the shorter term. xx

  4. Thank you - I shall definitely keep you posted. Fingers crossed!

  5. All that rain is giving your flowers to enjoy! Good Luck to Zac - hoping his new treatment works.

  6. Best wishes to Zac and you ... hoping that the injections will truly help him.

    Those hellebore blooms are so pretty! It will be months before any appear over here. xo

  7. The Hellebores are a pretty tough plant and are blooming just as well as last year despite the unseasonal weather we've been having, including the present water-logged ground. Bless 'em!


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