Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Circular walk with surprises and a wink.

Such a beautiful sky this morning -

 Zac and I turned left for a change and walked up the road to where a Green Lane starts; it eventually brings us out at the top end of the village, just a few yards from the Moor.

And here's a large but friendly horse; she usually comes to the fence when I call her. She's looking really good with her very shiny black coat.

But today she had a surprise for me -

And not to be outdone, another mare in the same field also had a foal, a very unusual colouring, I thought.

We came out of the Green Lane and turned away from the Moor (out of bounds at present to prevent the spread of a highly contagious infection that has broken out among the ponies up there.) Instead we took the road down through the village centre and back to home.

 Roses in the hedgerows, probably escapees from someone's garden.

 And finally, a smile and a wink from my happy boy!


  1. What a lovely walk, thankyou for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. How lovely to have walks so close to you. Mother looks so proud of her foal, and what unusual colouring they both have.

  3. Honeysuckle and roses on a walk and friendly horses, no wonder Zaz gives a smile and a wink!

  4. Beginning with that glorious sky, what a fine route you and Zac have for your walk! I really appreciate your taking a camera along, too. It's such a treat for this city person to see the roadways, the paths, the flowers, the mares and foals. And that happy, winking Zac!


  5. What a lovely walk! The foals are very unusual, but very pretty colours aren't they! xx

  6. Thanks to you and Zac for taking me along on your walk. What beautiful horses and foals. The wild roses are wonderful.

  7. You certainly have lovely places to walk. Your photos are amazing.

  8. Envy! What a lovely walk and a shame you can't go out on the Moor - is is Strangles that there's an outbreak of I wonder? The spotty foals are Apaloosas. The spots-all-over is called Leopard Spot, and the other one is a roan blanket-spot, but with a very big blanket from the withers backwards!

    1. Thank you for the info about the foals' colouring; I thought the sire must have been an Appaloosa. It is Strangles up on the Moor; two cases were reported a few weeks ago - one near Minions and one near Pensilva. Since then, I haven't seen any of the ponies (many with foals) so I assume (and hope) that they have been rounded up to be treated, though I'm not sure who would be footing the bill.


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