Monday, 29 June 2015

A Birthday Surprise

My birthday was back in February, but I so enjoyed the large box which was delivered on that morning that I thought I'd share it:- 

Someone was very eager to help!

Nooooo!!!  That's not helping, Zac.  LEAVE IT! 

All of the contents were selected and beautifully wrapped by my daughter-in-law, on behalf of herself, my son (who is away in Afghanistan) and my 14 year old grandson.

I love this embroidered and beaded cushion- which goes so well with my decor.

Photo-bombing Zac! Don't you dare grab my beautiful duvet cover.

And when I opened my laptop, even Google wished me a Happy Birthday!

Wasn't I a lucky lady?  And there was more to come . . . . much more.

In the evening I enjoyed a very nice Indian meal with my friends.


  1. That was quite a parcel! How beautifully everything had been wrapped...almost too lovely to open!

  2. How Wonderful !
    The gift are lovely. I enjoyed all the help from Zac such a gud dug.
    The meal looks fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. What wonderful gifts!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! I hope that your son is safe. xx

    1. Thank you Amy - he always tells me "Don't worry, Mum!" So I try not to . . . SKYPE is a marvellous thing.

  4. Lovely post. So you had your 70th birthday!! I am just a few months short of celebrating mine. Birthdays are fun.

    1. I had problems in 'celebrating' that particular birthday! I can't get my head around being 70 - just can't accept it. 70 is OLD!!! Mind you, I don't fancy the alternative, either . . . . I shall stay for ever in my 60's, I think.

  5. happy birthday, how lucky you are to have reached such a milestone!! that was a wonderful birthday box, it looks like the peeps who love you really know you!!!!


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