Friday, 29 May 2015

Rodgersia; May Flowers & Failures; Posers!

First of all my thanks for the responses to my question about the Triffids; Elaine suggested they were Castor Oil Plant, but I already have one of those in the back garden, one which started life as a small house plant but grew and grew until it was evicted to the garden.  It now lives happily outside and is a strong healthy plant. It's leaves are very similar in shape to the Triffids, but whereas they are shiny, the Triffid has hairy leaves.  Then Kathy identified it as a Rodgersia - it seems to be a Rodgersia Bronze Peacock, which will gradually turn green, before producing stems of pink flowers. 

In fact it is already changing from bronze to green - 

The previous owner of my garden had several varieties of geraniums; such tiny flowers but very pretty -

Remember those poorly strawberries?  They are looking good in the greenhouse -

As are my Cherry Tomatoes - I tried in several places to find them but it seems that everyone else wanted them.  Then in one of the smaller nurseries in this area, I found these three healthy plants, two different varieties too.  Really looking forward to tasting these.

But look what the rain and high winds have done to the last few tulips - 

But they were very long-lived, unlike this poor little delphinium, which never even made it out of its pot before the slugs found it and ate it!  Grrrr!

And finally, the obligatory appearance of Zac the Border Collie, this time with his walking mates, Goldie the Labrador and Rua the Red Setter.  Photo taken mid-walk on Kit Hill yesterday by Barry Hobbs, the feller who thinks he's in charge of the dogs. Lol, lol!


  1. Oh, slugs...I loathe them. I put a new Salvia in a pot, with a few slug pellets, but the beast found the salvia first, had a meal and then went on to the pellets. I'm pleased to say he is dead.

    1. To add insult to injury, I suspect that the slug was hiding in the delphinium pot when I bought it, because I had placed it on a table, safe from slugs - or so I thought. A Salvia that I had planted in the garden is also half-eaten, but I won't use slug pellets because of birds or my dog getting at them. I'm afraid plants have to take their chances here.

  2. I'm afraid slugs are partial to delphiniums amongst other things, I love the I can stick my tongue out the furthest shot,

    1. I bought two - so hopefully if I wait until the rainy season has ceased (???) the 2nd one might remain uneaten. I heard a tip today - water the plant and all around it with boiled onion water. Got to be worth a try?


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